4 Eyes Ltd consultants have worked with clients in various sectors on anti-dumping, including importers (3rd parties and subsidiaries of multinationals), distributors and exporters from the target countries. Industry sectors which we have been involved with include aluminium alloy road wheels, solar panels, bicycles, consumer electronics (e.g. CD players, TV components), fish and foodstuffs, textiles and industrial plant. Following recent and ongoing HMRC enforcement action in importations of aluminium alloy road wheels and also solar panels we have represented many of the larger importers and have the most up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of the issues involved.

4 Eyes Ltd has advised companies on the mechanisms of the EU's anti-dumping regime, including the market comparison provisions, and we have successfully assisted several companies who have been targets of enforcement action (including possible criminal sanctions) by UK and EU authorities for alleged avoidance of anti-dumping and countervailing duties. Our clients have had the threat of penalties withdrawn and, in some cases, have successfully reclaimed anti-dumping duties incorrectly levied by HM Revenue and Customs. 4 Eyes Ltd is proud to say that we have never lost a case on anti-dumping.

4 Eyes Ltd has helped companies to decide whether they are impacted by anti-dumping measures, and to make detailed submissions to the UK government and EU Commission on anti-dumping matters, including applications for exemption or favourable treatment after the imposition of definitive measures. We have worked with legal firms based in Brussels and in the US on anti-dumping cases.

We have unrivalled high level contacts in the EU's anti-fraud unit (OLAF), in HM Revenue and Customs here in the UK and in other customs services in the EU.