Excise Duties

Excisable goods in the UK include alcohols (beers, wines and spirits), tobacco products and hydrocarbon oils (aka mineral oils). Excise duty rates in the UK are high and may be a significant fraction of the retail price of the goods. These products are subject to stringent controls and procedural requirements at all stages of manufacture up to and including point of retail sale, specifically prior authorisation for dealers and shippers, labelling requirements for alcohols and tobacco products, and documentary control of movements (e.g. EMCS). Movement of goods within the EU is strictly controlled.

HMRC have recently focussed significant resources on combating excise duty fraud, especially with regard to alcohols and tobacco, such as Missing Trader Intra-Community (MTIC) fraud. There has been new legislation, changes to documentary requirements and compliance, and significant court cases at both UK and EU level which have changed the regulatory environment.

For excise duties, companies at all levels of the supply chain, from producer/importer to retailer/exporter (including intra-EU dealers and shippers) must be aware of, and fully compliant with, their obligations in relation to excise duties. 4 Eyes Ltd can assist clients in identifying savings but, unusually, in the excise field the risk of compliance failure is the main issue.

4 Eyes Ltd has worked with clients in all major excise sectors. 4 Eyes Ltd can assist its clients in reviewing and obtaining appropriate authorisations, ensuring that they are fully compliant with the legislation, and have appropriate procedures and systems in place, and other excise-related issues. 4 Eyes Ltd also advises on trade defence in the event of enforcement action by HMRC. See our Tax Investigation Services page for more.