Huge growth in direct sales of wine sees monthly volumes surging by up to 100%


4 Eyes Ltd clients are experiencing an unprecedented surge in demand, particularly for direct to door sales of French, Spanish and Italian wine. Wine sales by supermarkets during the Coronavirus outbreak have increased by a reported 20%-30% based on this time last year, yet 4 Eyes Ltd continental suppliers have experienced sales increasing monthly by 50% to 100%.

4 Eyes Ltd is probably unique in offering a service of UK tax representative to clients selling "duty paid" wine and spirits under the distance selling rules to private customers in the UK. This service is becoming increasingly popular as alcohol sellers seek to deal directly with customers (often via the internet) and to cut-out the inventory costs and lack of flexibility and control, etc, otherwise associated with the traditional bonded warehouse or UK wholesaler model. 4 Eyes Ltd provides excise clearance services to alcohol producers and distributors throughout the EU, enabling them to make internet sales of wines, beers and spirits directly to British consumers. Direct sales cut out the delay and expense of a traditional wholesale and retail distribution network. British consumers benefit from far greater choice and reduced cost and producers benefit from easy, cost effective, access to the largest alcohol market in Europe.

4 Eyes Ltd believes that the modern wine buying public prefers to browse the vast range of quality wines offered on its clients’ own websites, or on internet marketplaces such as Amazon.

The 4 Eyes Ltd duty deferment service enables UK consumers to enjoy unrivalled choice together with the convenience of doorstep delivery, rather than being restrained by the limited selection of supermarkets or having the inconvenience and expense of needing to approach independent wine merchants. All wine arrives UK duty paid and there are no volume limits or other formalities. Upon receipt, the customer just has to open the bottle and enjoy!

Coronavirus restrictions have undoubtedly boosted internet sales in all areas, changing consumer habits. 4 Eyes Ltd clients are sure that this change in how we buy wine will be long lasting. Once consumers have tried their service, why would they ever return to more traditional retail outlets?

4 Eyes Ltd has pioneered UK direct sales of excisable products and is now the go-to provider of these services, handling all excise and VAT compliance matters.

Working together with our EU network (European Excise Association (EEA)), we can now offer these services throughout the EU, providing a simple, one-stop solution for businesses wanting to expand beyond their domestic market.


4 Eyes Ltd direct sales framework is available NOW for ANY EU or global business wishing to begin direct sales to the UK.


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to join our successful, global, alcohol distance selling service. Remember that the UK is the biggest market in Europe and that 55% of all wine sales are from EU producers.