Trading internationally from 1 Jan 2021

  • For exporting, the UK’s DIT have developed a new tool which can be used to check the tariffs applied against your products at their destination, as well as providing helpful information on what accompanying documentation, certificates and regulatory barriers need to be met to export to that country.

The check duties and customs tool is available here:

  • For importing goods to the UK, a new tariff schedule will come into place from 1 January, known as the UK’s Global Tariff Schedule.

 To check what tariffs will be in place for imports from countries without an FTA with the UK (also known as trading on MFN terms), use this tool:

  • In order to check which trade agreements have already been agreed for roll over from previously signed EU agreements, and which are yet to be signed, the latest information is available at this link:

 It is important that you cross-reference your export markets with this list and build in an assessment of risk to your 2021 forecasts. If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us.

By clicking into individual agreements that have been signed you will be able to access further information on how to trade with each country from 1 January.

New agreements and agreements under negotiation

 The UK continues to negotiate with a variety of countries to expand the number of Free Trade Agreements in force.


Rollover agreements such as with Canada are also being signed. The UK is also involved in ongoing negotiations with Australia, New Zealand and the United States. 4 Eyes Ltd will keep you informed of any developments.


Trading with the EU from 1 January 2021

Border Operating Model (BOM) 


The integrated tariff of the United Kingdom


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European Union


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