Web based distance sellers using Amazon, Ebay and other digital market places

Tens of thousands of traders using digital market places have registered for VAT in the past year since HMRC made the web sites responsible for policing VAT evasion. VAT registrations were up 31% from the 2017/18 tax year. In 2014/15 only 5000 traders registered. Last year that had increased to 38,000.

HMRC advise that in January 23019, it had “red flagged”, 4600 businesses, mostly in China for failing to pay VAT on online sales.

Merchants are able to use the services of a VAT agent such as 4 Eyes Ltd to register for VAT and thereafter to manage UK VAT compliance. Businesses that fail to VAT register are likely to have their access to these important online markets revoked.



4 Eyes Ltd is the UK and Republic of Ireland member of a major European VAT network. We will be able to assist you with your registration requirements in any EU member state.