Civil and criminal counter investigation

With considerable experience in advising multinational, major UK and smaller businesses in the largest VAT, Excise and Duty/ Anti Dumping Duty cases, 4 Eyes Ltd is strategically placed to advise your business how to achieve the optimal solutions, tailored to the needs of your business.

As present or former technical experts to the IMF, the World Bank, the Asia Development Bank and the Chartered Institute of Taxation on indirect tax investigation, we believe that our experience and results are without equal.

4 Eyes Ltd's team members have managed successful counter investigations on behalf of leading multinational companies, often working at the behest of and in cooperation with legal counsel.

Our work on contentious matters is, insofar as is achievable, conducted under Legal Professional Privilege where we report directly to legal counsel. It is accepted practice for us to enter into two-way confidentiality agreements with clients' attorneys.

Recently 4 Eyes Ltd has conducted successful counter investigations on behalf of international clients concerning the export of sensitive communications equipment; the theft of aircraft stores from bonded stores; the diversion of excise goods (alcohol) from warehouse; the theft of international tobacco consignments; and other litigation matters including major VAT and money laundering enquiries.

4 Eyes Ltd counter investigation services include:

  • Counter investigation of any official investigation by government agencies, including those undertaken by third parties

  • establishing the motives and rationale leading to the official investigation

  • establishing compliance with the Suspect Activity Regime

  • understanding the relevant business relationship with the client's commercial operations and the impact on the official investigation

  • reviewing all material disclosed by the official investigation

  • reviewing the official criminal investigation case management process to determine its conduct in accordance with official Prosecution Policy & Guidance, the Code for Crown Prosecutors, the Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) and the Serious Fraud Office Operational Handbook

  • reviewing the use of the Criminal Justice Act (2003) Section 2 and other information gathering mechanisms

  • reviewing the nature and extent of the involvement of the parties and personnel

  • identifying shortcomings, where possible, in the material supplied by the relevant investigating agency

  • identifying discoverable material and omissions, where possible.