For international businesses with operations throughout the EU, 4 Eyes Ltd can act as your single European point of contact for VAT compliance and recovery. We provide a coordination service whereby we or our partner in each member state will act as your agent. You will receive a designated member of staff to deal with alone. Our staff member will liaise with partners on your behalf. Your designated member of our staff will be responsible for collection of all the VAT information required for each member state within the due dates; they will then conduct a preliminary verification of the data, and send it to our partner. The partner will prepare the VAT return/ Intrastat/ EC Sales documentation on your behalf and subject to your approval, will then submit it. Finally, 4 Eyes Ltd will then advise you of any VAT liability and ensure you have the correct payment details.
This service: reduces risk, ensures expertise and reduces the amount of staff time that you require to ensure VAT compliance.